About Me

I have always loved photography. The earliest memory I have is my dad taking pictures of the family with his huge Canon camera. Of course in those days you had to wait for the film to be developed and half the pictures were no good! But I was just fascinated with the entire process. Sometimes my dad would give me his camera and I think that’s where my love of capturing natural expressions and moments comes from. My parents still have some of my earliest work up in their house, obviously now I’m highly critical about angles and lighting, but for a kid they’re quite good!

My creativity grew over the years and photography allowed me to express this. I wanted to learn more, so I studied it at Uni and achieved a BA (hons) in photography. I began my professional career at Venture as a photographer. I quickly gained a professional in-house diploma and worked my way up to studio manager and trainer for the south east. I really enjoyed it but it was time to move on and start my own business. I have now worked in photography for over 10 years and have had two crazy boys along the way. They love having their photos taken and taking photo themselves – it’s a good job really!

The best bit about being a photographer is meeting new people and getting to know my clients. Hearing little stories as well as likes and interests allows me to adapt to their style and capture the moments they want. I have done weddings where the bridal party wanted the images to resemble a photo shoot. Very artistic shots. Natural poses where the guests didn’t even know I was there. Studio photography like cake smashing and family shoots. And photos on location. I have a wide range of skills that I adapt to each client so they are left with photos that truly reflect their personality.

If you would like an informal chat about how I can help capture your special moments then please call me . I would be happy to discuss your thoughts and ideas and provide my own too.

Thanks Claire